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PSF specialises in manufacturing parabolic springs, leafs and accessories for vehicles of almost all brands. Our products are a key element for chassis of utility cars, off-road vehicles, heavy-loaded trucks, semi-trailers and trailers, agricultural machinery as well as buses.

Our offer includes:

  • Made-to-order springs
  • Trailing arms
  • Standard springs and leaves
  • Parabolic springs and leaves

Thanks to implementation of the latest technological solutions and certified, European steel, we provide products of unrivalled parameters. Our products enter the original equipment and after market. We are able to manufacture any type of spring – also made-to-order springs.

Please do not hesitate to check our offer of TES springs for:

  • light commercial vehicles
  • heavy duty vehicles
  • semi-trailers

We offer springs for brands like:
Anhanger, Gigant, Ror, Freuhauf, Kassbohrer, Saf, Trailor, Daf, Iveco, Renault, Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, Volkswagen, MAN
… and many others. Please contact us to find solutions which are tailored to your needs!